Canvas Tarpaulin

Canvas Tarpaulins are offered in a vast collection. For improved ripstop characteristics, a Cotton Canvas tarpaulin is mixed with polyester yarn. Tears tend to be localized because the inherent yarn prevents the tear from spreading. Fabricated from a heavyweight material which is then chemically treated, ensuring it is lighter to handle than Canvas tarps that have been wax-processed. A traditional style cotton canvas tarpaulin manufactured from single filled cotton duck in a traditional style. The large canvas sheet is a water-resistant, breathable, and durable alternative to a regular polyethene sheet. These tarpaulins are made of a heavy-weight Cotton Canvas that has been wax-processed to make them water-resistant. Buy these canvas tarpaulin. The Canvas tarps are easy to install. The new Heavy Duty Canvas line, with a weight of 21oz when proofed, is designed for maximum abrasion resistance. For warehouses, manufacturing, building, trucking, painting, landscaping, and farming, canvas tarps are used as covers. These tarps have a long history in the maritime and garment industries, and their robust and resilient material is well-known. They are useful in agricultural applications such as hay storage and equipment protection. They are ideal for transporting and storing lumber, gravel, and other materials in the construction industry. To say the least, canvas tarps have a wide range of applications outside of flatbed trucking.

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