Lightweight Waterproof Tarpaulin 110gsm Blue/Green tarpaulinz


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Lightweight Waterproof Tarpaulin 110gsm Blue/Green tarpaulinz

Whether you want a sheet to gather garden rubbish, cover outdoor furniture or simply protect your floors and furniture when decorating then our Budget tarpaulin is the one for you.

Made from strong durable materials which make it tear resistant and waterproof, budget is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Waterproof
    Rot proof
    UV Protected
    Eyelets every metre
    Double edged rope reinforced hems
    Available in 23 sizes (Subject to availability)
    Colour: Budget Tarpaulins are Dark Blue on 1 side, and Olive Green on the other)
    Weight: 110gm per sq metre
    Weave: 10 x 10 sq. inch
  • Use your tarpaulin to protect garden furniture or equipment from the weather or to collect and transport garden waste. Particularly useful for thorny material which easily punctures plastic bags. Ideal as a children’s playsheet, easy to wipe clean.
  • Car/Van
    Use your Budget Tarpaulin to protect your upholstery from damp and dirty pets or as a car boot or upholstery protector when carrying dirty or dusty loads. They can also be used to protect your garage or drive when changing oil or working on your engine.
  • Decorating and DIY
    Protection for your carpets and furniture from splashes of paint or paste when painting, decorating or wallpapering. As a dust sheet when sanding, sawing, drilling or carrying out structural work.


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