Long Bungee Cords 40cm to1M Elastic Luggage Straps with Hooks


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Long Bungee Cords 40cm to1M Elastic Luggage Straps with Hooks

Versatile Sizes: These bungee straps with hooks or small & extra long bungee cords with hooks set includes a variety of sizes ranging from 40cm to 100cm, giving you options for different applications and needs.
Durable Materials: The heavy-duty bungee cords or bunjee chords with hooks are made of high-quality polypropylene, steel, and rubber, providing strength and durability to hold items securely.
Secure Hooks: Each elastic bungee cord with hooks, also known as a bungycord, bin strap, or elastic strap with hooks, comes with a strong hook that securely attaches to items, preventing them from slipping or falling off during transportation or storage.
Multiple Uses: These bundy cord with hooks, also known as bungie strap ties, rope hooks, bunjee cord, bungy grips, rubber cord, and bungy straps with clips, are great for securing loads, bundling items together, tying down tarps, and much more. With an 8mm bungee cord diameter and various lengths and strengths, they are a versatile tool for any DIY or outdoor enthusiast.
Color-Coded: The set of bungee cords with hooks comes in four colors (red, yellow, blue, green), making it easy to identify the cords with 6mm or 10mm bungee cord. The bungy chords, bunji straps, bungie cable, bundy straps, bungee clips, and bungie ropes with strong hooks ensure secure attachment to items for maximum safety.

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