Tarpaulin Glass Clear Waterproof Nylon Mesh Tarpaulinz


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Tarpaulin Glass Clear Waterproof Nylon Mesh Tarpaulinz

All of our tarpaulins are for temporary use. Although heavier grade tarpaulins last longer than an economy-grade, frequent exposure to harsh or strong weather conditions can quickly degrade the tarps. Because of the great stress that will be put on them during use, the tarpaulin eyelets are not protected under the manufacture warranty. Please ensure your tarpaulin is firmly fixed and tension points are reinforced. Sharp edges, corners, or friction will slash the tarpaulin’s lifespan. Please notice that we do not suggest that such tarpaulins be used as roofing, temporary, or otherwise. Use as such on this item will undo any warranty.

1. Clear
2. Resistant to water
3.High duty Tarps
4. Tarpaulin sheets


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