Heavy Duty Grey/Black Tarpaulins Sheet 300gsm tarpaulinz


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Heavy Duty Grey/Black Tarpaulins Sheet 300gsm tarpaulinz

The 270gsm Tarpaulins have a 16 x 16 weave count and are waterproof. At 50cm intervals, chunky 20mm brass eyelets are mounted, and each corner is reinforced with a three-rivet patch. Our 300gsm tarpaulins are made with a grey top hemmed onto a Black underneath, and the lamination contains a 3% UV inhibitor. While being made of heavy-duty polyethene, these tough covers are still manageable and simple to handle as well as entirely waterproof. Roofing tarps and boat tarps are common.

1. Waterproof and rot-proof
2.16 x 16 weave count
3. 30 gsm
4. Durable
5. 20mm diameter brass eyelets eyelets on every one metre intervals
6. Chunky 3-rivet Corner Reinforcements

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