White Tarpaulins Polyethylene Multipurpose Tarpaulinz


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White Tarpaulins Polyethylene Multipurpose Tarpaulinz

Heavy-duty 200gsm white tarpaulins are made of super-strong, durable, tightly woven polyethene that provides long-term weather protection. It’s our toughest and most flexible tarpaulin, ideal for use in some of the harshest manufacturing environments as well as difficult home and garden work. This tarp is not only highly durable, but it is also extremely light and easy to handle or use, even when wet. White tarpaulins are ideal for working under because they allow light to pass through. For this purpose, market stall owners find them extremely useful.

1. Waterproof.
2. Rot-proof
3. UV-resistant
4. Eyelets on every one metre intervals

5. Hems with double-edged rope reinforcement

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